Charles Recher

Presentation: Miami Filmmakers
When: 3:30pm Wednesday April 2 2003
Where: HCC Campus Theater

Work: "Trinity"
When: 9pm Wednesday April 2 2003
Where: King Corona Cigar Cafe

Work: "Video Prophet"
When: 7:30-9:30pm Thursday-Saturday April 3-5
Where: Centro Ybor

Charles Recher, from Miami Beach, continues to build his particular oeuvre around the unexpected, delighting in presenting his work to unsuspecting audience members.

The public will often come upon his moving images in places where film is not normally found, such as in the window of a passing vehicle, a mobile television set cruising the neigborhood, or a hulking puppet wandering around on a street corner.

Charles will premiere his newest work, "Trinity", plus a number of works-in-progress. Beware of his loops...schizoid characters that address the camera and coaxes the audience closer, then, adruptly, demands they keep away. In much of his work the phrases alternate with the cyclical determinism of the loop, advancing and receding simultaneously.

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