Mar. 15-21 2004
Tampa, Florida

Bonk Festival of New Music

When: 9 pm Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Where: HCC Ybor Performing Arts Theater

Bonk Festival Poster

This first-ever joint presentation by the Festival of the Moving Image and the Bonk Festival merges the disciplines of music, performance and video art.

For one week each spring, the Tampa Bay area plays host to one of the country's most unique and innovative musical events.

The Bonk Festival of New Music draws upon the talents of a worldwide network of composers and performers whose collective musical vision is an unpredictable and adventurous combination of classical traditional and modern technology.


"Harmonies (They Spin)" Jeff Morris
computer-generated multimedia
"Hardguy" "James Bohn
Jay Coble, trumpet
"Nuclear Solutions to 19th-Century Problems" Eric Lyon
computer-mediated recording
"inklings on the loose" Bonnie Miksch
Margaret Lancaster, flute
"Trumpetspeak" Michael Theodore
Glen Whitehead, trumpet; Michael Theodore, computer
"The Last Years of Democracy in Athens" Eric Lyon
Margaret Lancaster, flute
"Solar Music" Drew Krause
computer-generated recording
"The New Improved Truth (Book II)" Eric Lyon
Corey Jane Holt, violoncello
"Hardguy video":  
Current Dance Company
Choreographer: Beth Easterly
Dancers: Anne Tanzi Carty, Abbie Chambers, Mandy Gregg, Mary Hurwitz
haikus by: Gayle White Antunes

Bonk Started in 1992

"Once again, the Bonk Festival proves to be one of the most vital venues for new composers and artists in the United States today."
- American Record Guide

Since 1992, Bonk has presented over 400 works by more than 80 composers, including over 150 world premieres. Each year the festival juxtaposes a variety of musical styles and performance media, including soloists, large and small ensembles, acoustic and electronic music, dance, video and chamber theater.

As a forum for contemporary music that is decidedly out of the mainstream of current popular and classical trends (yet draws easily from both traditions), the Bonk Festival provides an opportunity for audiences to be challenged and entertained by first-rate performances of cutting-edge new works by lesser-known composers and established artists alike; and it provides an opportunity for those like-minded artists to interact and collaborate in the creation of new works and technologies that will test the limits of musical expression well into this century.

More About Bonk

You can learn more about the Bonk Festival of New Music by visiting its website.

There you can read about additional performances March 14-20, 2004, find out more about the performers and composers, and even purchase CDs of the music.

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